Having a sauna in the room sounded great but we learnt that if we turn the sauna on, the heater of all the cabin goes off.  Due to this reason we were not able to use it because if we used it at night while the little one was sleeping, the heater would not work and it would get very very cold in his room. Fortunately, the hot water worked very well as this is something that I was also concerned about but I was very surprise to see that the hotel only offers one combined shower gel/shampoo and no conditioner , along with a small shower that got all of the bathroom wet when you showered. Extending the courtesy of offering the proper bathing soaps for the price that you pay is a common courtesy in my opinion, as is also offer cleaning service. Yes you read it right, they don’t come and clean your room or do your bed. Fortunately they do come and take out the trash.


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